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Proven Global Partner in Delivering Health Outcomes

For over 20 years, Atlantis Healthcare has been developing solutions that empower individuals to achive better health outcomes. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand, Atlantis Healthcare partners with organizations worldwide to deliver on their key objectives. Atlantis Healthcare has positively impacted the lives of individuals worldwide with the development and implementation of programs operating in 28 countries, across 53 disease states.

This is made possible by our approach to behavior change, as applied by our Health Psychology experts and overseen by leading academics in Health Psychology. Our Belief-driven Behavior Change approach results in program designs that inspire improved health.

We are always on the lookout for great people who want to help individuals improve their health. If you are passionate about joining a global team that is making a positive impact on peoples' lives, we want to hear from you.

Want to join Atlantis Healthcare?


Unser Management team

  • Matthew Walls

    Matthew Walls

    Chief Executive Officer - Atlantis Healthcare Group

  • Phill Shaffer

    Xavier Vidal - Managing Director New Zealand

    Xavier Vidal

    Managing Director

    - New Zealand View full profile

    Xavier Vidal, MD, MPH, MSc., brings a healthy mix of medical background (he has an MD degree from UAB Medical School in Barcelona), Public Health expertise (he has two Masters from Harvard University in Boston), 10 years of international marketing experience in the medical device and biotech fields in Europe and LatinAmerica and 15 years of healthcare communications expertise, having managed the Spanish affiliates of two of the largest global healthcare communications and advertising networks. His broad experience covers multiple therapeutic areas, having developed plans and strategies for the launch of hundreds of pharmaceutical brands and developed multiple medical education and patient and physician support programs for pharma companies, Ministries of Health and health organizations at the international level.

  • Jennifer Sigaud

    Jennifer Sigaud

    Managing Director

    - United States View full profile

    Jennifer joined Atlantis Healthcare in March 2012 and spearheaded the establishment of the company’s US presence. She has 20+ years of experience in healthcare education and communications, leading the development of strategic patient support initiatives that leverage patient and clinical insights. Therapeutic area experience includes oncology, neurology, pain management, women’s health, men’s health, rare diseases and mental health.

  • Jonny Duder

    Jonny Duder

    Managing Director

    - United Kingdom View full profile

    Based in London, Jonny is responsible for the direction and growth of the Atlantis Healthcare businesses globally - with a focus on the UK.  Joining Atlantis Healthcare in 2003, Jonny now oversees the sales and marketing functions, with his main focus being intellectual property development and assisting with key projects across the markets in which Atlantis Healthcare operates.

  • Dr Maria Fortun

    Maria Fortun BW

    Dr Maria Fortun

    Managing Director

    - Spanien View full profile

    Dr. María Fortún ist Psychologin und hat ihren Dr. und ihren MSc in Gesundheitspsychologie an der Complutense Universität von Madrid (Spanien) gemacht. Sie ist Leiterin des Gesundheitspsychologen-Teams der spanischen Atlantis Niederlassung und ist zuständig für die Entwicklung von Patientenprogrammen zur Verhaltensänderung.
    Dr. Maria Fortún hat die letzten acht Jahre in der gesundheitspsychologischen Forschung gearbeitet und zahlreiche chronische Erkrankungen aus Sicht der Verhaltensforschung untersucht.

    Dr. Marias Fortúns Hauptforschungsinteresse gilt essentieller Hypertonie und deren psychologischen Risikofaktoren sowie dem Stressmanagement für Patienten mit hohem Blutdruck.

    Ihre Forschungsarbeit erstreckt sich auf Untersuchung von persönlichen Meinungen und Einstellungen der Patienten mit chronischen Krankheiten und ihre Rolle bei der Therapieadhärenz.

  • Stephen Galt

    Stephen Galt

    Managing Director

    - Australia View full profile

    As General Manager of Atlantis Healthcare Australia, Stephen is responsible for ensuring that overall logistics, program implementation and return on investment (ROI) are delivered effectively. Stephen has extensive experience across Europe and Australasia in data management solutions & consulting for top tier international life science organisations.


Gesundheitspsychologie Teams

  • Professor John Weinman

    Professor John Weinman

    Professor of Psychology as Applied to Medicines

    - King's College London, United Kingdom

    View full profile

    Professor John Weinman is Professor of Psychology as applied to Medicines, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, King's College London. He is recognised as one of the founders of modern health psychology and his main research areas are cognition and health, communication and decision-making in healthcare, and self-regulation and self-management in chronic illness.

  • Professor Keith Petrie

    Professor Keith Petrie

    Professor of Health Psychology

    - The University of Auckland, New Zealand

    View full profile

    Professor Keith Petrie is a Professor of Health Psychology at The University of Auckland Medical School, New Zealand. He has been a key figure in developing the field of health psychology field internationally. His primary research focus involves how patients construct beliefs about their illness or injury and how these influence coping and recovery. Professor Petrie and his research group are known internationally for constructing new methods for measuring patients’ perceptions of illness and developing early intervention programmes designed to change patients’ illness perceptions and improve adherence to medication and rehabilitation. Professor Keith Petrie is a key advisor to Atlantis Healthcare, leading the New Zealand, Australian and US clinical teams on programme design and research projects.

Health Psychology Team