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An Approach Grounded in Health Psychology Insight

Our work begins from a foundation in Health Psychology and draws upon additional Behavioral Science disciplines. Health Psychology is relevant in inspiring individual health, because it addresses the psychological drivers behind healthy behavior. This understanding guides our research efforts and informs our Belief-driven Behavior Change approach.

Through the application of this approach, we design engaging programs that promote better health outcomes. Our behavior change approach is validated by Professors John Weinman and Keith Petrie—leading academics in the field of Health Psychology. Local and regional teams of Health Psychology experts apply our approach to support individuals around the world.

Personal to the Individual

Health is personal, this is why ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches to behavior change don’t deliver on better health outcomes. Every program Atlantis Healthcare designs employs our Belief-driven Behavior Change approach. This ensures that interventions offered to the individual resonate as they address their underlying beliefs that enable sustainable behavior change.

Enhanced by Evidence Based Research

The application of our Belief-driven Behavior Change approach is guided by research conducted by our local Health Psychology teams. This ensures our approach is customized to reflect differences in language, culture and healthcare delivery systems. Our research is guided by robust protocols to support qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Results are interpreted through a Health Psychology lens, drawing on established models of behavior change. Research directly informs interventions included within our Belief-driven Program Designs.

Read a Sampling of our Peer-reviewed Published Work

Why beliefs matter: Summary paper describing the significance of individuals’ beliefs in affecting health outcomes
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Understanding medication adherence: An example of how a Health Psychology model can be applied to understanding medication adherence
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Improving medication adherence: A belief-based text message programme to increase adherence to asthma preventer medication
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Improving recovery: A belief-based face-to-face intervention to improve health outcomes following a heart attack
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Learn about Belief-driven Program Design

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