As a recognized global leader in treatment adherence and patient self-management, Atlantis Healthcare provides solutions to address issues surrounding patient behaviors, such as taking medication, treatment support and attending health check-ups.

Our personalized patient support programs and solutions positively empower individuals, while supporting their healthcare professionals to deliver, measure and report improved health outcomes.

Our self-management approach

Self-management considers the role and ability of an individual to effectively manage their condition and treatment. Our methods and approach consider the right way of supporting their unique needs and help them make the most of support from family, friends and their healthcare team.


Our Self-Management Framework

Our proprietary Self-Management Framework draws on the most comprehensive clinical and academic models of patient behavior and the drivers of behavior change. Our framework provides a core evidence base, underpinning the design and build of our patient support solutions, which incorporate our insights, research and academic publications, gathered over the past 20 years.


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