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Belief-driven Programme Designs for Better Health

Our Belief-driven Programme Designs make individual health accessible. We assist in achieving better health outcomes across a range of health conditions by designing programmes personal to an individual. Whatever the health condition or behaviour, our local teams are experts in applying our Belief-driven Behaviour Change approach.

Addressing Health Behaviours

We know that individual health is accomplished by addressing multiple behaviours—from medication management to attending a healthcare appointment. Programme designs frequently address the behaviour of medication management to promote medication adherence outcomes. Based on client need, these designs can be readily expanded to support individuals in addressing additional health behaviours.

Programme Designs to Reach your Key Objectives

All of Atlantis Healthcare’s programmes are designed and implemented in-house by our world-leading Health Psychology experts. Designs are enhanced through research conducted by our local teams. This research ensures our approach accommodates local market differences. We understand that programme designs are subject to strict regulations depending on the market. Our experienced team will provide a suitable and compliant implementation in your market.

Global Reach

When you work with Atlantis Healthcare, you are working with a global partner who can help you reach your organisation’s key objectives. We have experience implementing programmes within local markets with the proven capability to scale as a single initiative across your global footprint. Our global roll-outs include programmes that support up to 28 markets for the world’s top brands. With offices in the world’s largest markets, we support global coordination and implementation.

Learn how our Belief-driven Programme Designs can Enable your Digital Solution

Patient Support Programmes

We partner with you to deliver patient support solutions that help individuals better manage health conditions.

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Product Familiarisation Programmes

We partner with you to deliver solutions that support prescribers and individuals with health conditions in adapting to new medication.

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